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Amy is a Washington State Artist who began Prophetic Art (hearing God through the arts) in 2017 after experiencing the Holy spirit during art classes taught at her church Sonrise Christian Fellowship by Theresa Leake and a Sozo (Greek For Healing) Art Workshop instructed by Theresa Dedmon, which stirred her emotions for inner healing through colors.


She has a passion to share with others the freedom that she found through art. Amy currently works with the mediums Ink, Watercolor, and Acrylic Paint. She finds that when she partners with the Holy Spirit, her creations become greater than she could have ever imagined. Each creation is inspired by a creative idea or scripture from the bible.


Her current collection is inspired by the freedom she received spending time in the garden with Jesus. Amy is a former healthcare worker and enjoyed making personal gifts and cards for her coworkers spreading her joy in Christ in the work place.


Amy is also a new author who compiled her portfolio into a 31 day devotional that includes scriptures and thoughts for each page. She invites you to particiapate in creativity by turning the page and expressing what comes to mind on the blank pages provided.

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