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Everett, Washington

"Amy's beautiful artwork has a very special place in my heart, because it has uplifted me on so many days when I really needed some color in my life. Her art is like a warm hug, and a reminder of love and hope. From the moment I first saw her artwork, I was moved by the beauty that emanates from her soul and ends up on paper. I have some of her pieces in my office, and the rest in my bedroom, so that I can enjoy them whether I'm at work or home.  My personal favorite piece is "The Fragrant Path of Christ," which adorns both my office AND my bedroom. I cannot wait to follow Amy on her journey through art, because I definitely want to see every piece that she creates!"

Lynn Meyering

Washington State

"Amy brings light and textured color to a canvas that brings together both the whimsical and the simple joy of existing.  Her evocative images conjure memories within us, peaceful, inspiring, symbolizing our journey through this life."

Heidi Meyers

Wakefield, Nebraska

"I have purchased several pieces of artwork from Amy J Heath Design. Each picture is beautifully crafted from the heart! My favorite part about Amy's work though, is her description of how the Holy Spirit encourages, heals, and inspires her in every phase of life. This inspiration is visible in her drawings/paintings and tangible in her friendship and love of God."

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Christopher & Audrey


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Washington State

"I adore your art. It speaks to me."

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